Determine Reading or Bifocal Power

You can determine your reading or bifocal power by yourself or your optometrist or ophthalmologist can measure it for you.  Your reading power also may be on your eye prescription.  This is also known as your ‘Add’ power: 

Bifocal Reading Power or Add Power on Prescription
The “Add” Power on your eye prescription is your reading or bifocal power.

However, sometimes there is a problem with relying on the ADD power written on your eye prescription.  When you are in your mid 40’s, your ADD power can change quite rapidly.  When Presbyopia begins, your ability to see small print close up worsens over time.  So, if it has been more than a year since you got your eye prescription, we recommend you read on.

If your prescription does not have an ADD power, that means you don’t need bifocals or readers.  But ,if you start noticing you are are having difficulty reading menus, (especially in the dark) then your prescription is changing.  Again, read on. 

How to Figure Out Your Bifocal or Reading Power Yourself

Save yourself a trip to your doctor’s office by using this simple tool to determine your reading power yourself.   We researched all the reading power charts online, and we concluded this is the most accurate one for you.  Click on the reading power chart below to open a pdf with easy to follow instructions. 

How to determine reading power for bifocals or reading glasses.
Figure out your reading power for bifocals and readers with this chart.

You should check your power at least once a year.  It’s probably a good idea to use the same reading power chart every time.  Once you figure out your reading power, it’s time to start shopping for bifocals, full lens readers and bifocal sunglasses.   If a .25 increment is not available in the style you choose, you may need to round up to the next .50 increment. carries a large variety of styles, and they will ship to you within 24 hours. carries a wide variety of fashion forward bifocals and reading sunglasses.
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