Bifocal Readers

Bifocal Sunglasses and Sun Readers are available as line bifocals and no line full lens readers.  We will explain the differences.  First of all, Bifocal glasses and sunglasses have two different zones in each lens.  Thus the prefix “bi” in bifocals.  The bottom zone is magnified.  It is used for reading small print or looking at small objects.  The top zone has  no magnification.  You look through this zone when looking at objects more than 2 or 3 feet in front of you.    

Full lens sun readers, on the other hand, have only one magnification power.  The entire lens is magnified.  You don’t have to look down to read small print or see small objects.  Take a look at our Bifocal and Sun Reader Buyer’s Guide  for more information. 


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