Features to Look For when Buying Sport Sunglasses

Sport sunglasses are absolutely necessary if you are are jumping, running, focusing on objects far and near, or doing anything at high speeds.  Here are some items to look for when purchasing sunglasses for sports or high speed activities.

Base 6 to Base 8 Curved Lens

A base curve refers to the curvature of the lens around your eyes.  The higher the base curve, the more curvature of the lens.   Curved lenses provide 180 degree protection from UV rays around your eyes.   This in turn blocks UV rays from the side of your face.  More importantly, curved lens prevents the sun from entering the back of the lens, bouncing off the back of the lens,  and into the eyes of the wearer.  This glare that bounces off the inside of your lenses can be more intense than direct sunglight.

Curved lenses also wrap around your face and shield your eyes from dirt and debris that may fly at you, especially at high speeds.  Wrap sunglasses are often worn by bikers or motorcyclists to prevent exposure from wind.  If you are a biker or a cyclist, you understand how wind can dry out your eyes and cause temporary blindness.

Curved lenses also help your peripheral vision.   With ordinary flat sunglasses, you can easily see the edges of your frame if you look up, down or to the left and right.  You can imagine how this can affect your performance if you are playing tennis or baseball.

Sport Sunglasses with Rubber Nose Pieces

Silicone nose pieces can be slippery if you start to sweat.  Rubber nose pieces, on the other hand, help keep your glasses secure on your face.   Rubber is also softer than most silicone nose pieces.

Sport Sunglasses with Rubber Ear Pieces

Obviously, frames that wiggle on your face won’t be a good thing while you are running sprints or a marathon.  Ear pieces made of rubber will prevent slippage and less friction behind your ears.  Sometimes frames are made with flexible ear pieces for a looser or more firm grip.

Snug Fitting Frames Keeps Your Glasses On Your Face

It’s important your sport sunglasses fit snug around your face rather than loose.  Generally a higher wrap frame will provide a more snug fit.  Keep in mind, however, that if you have ‘flatter’ facial features, than a high wrap frame may not be your best fitting option.   High wrap frame with high base curves may touch your sunglasses which can get very annoying.

Polarized Lenses Cuts Glare & Great for Fishing

If you are using your sunglasses for fishing, then polarized glasses are a must have.  Polarized sunglasses reduce the glare from shiny surfaces such as chrome bumpers, mirrors, car hoods, windshields and water.  So, these anti glare lenses can virtually eliminate glare from water allowing fishermen to see beneath the surface of lakes, ponds and the ocean.   Polarized lenses are also excellent for driving or for bikers.

High Definition Lenses Increase Clarity & Viewing Distance

HD Vision Sunglasses filter out blue light in the UV spectrum.  The UV spectrum consists of yellow, orange, violet, blue and purple colors.  Its the blue light that causes haziness.  So, even of a perfectly sunny day, blue light can limit how far you can see.  Most HD sunglasses have copper or amber color lenses.  Consequently, you will see golfers, tennis players, and target shooter wearing sunglasses with copper lenses.

Light Weight Frames

If you are playing tennis, golf or baseball; or if you are running or cycling, it’s important to wear light weight sunglasses.  Sport Sunglasses should feel like you almost have nothing your face at all.   It’s less to think about and light weight sunglasses won’t slide down your nose as easily.   On the flip side, if you are riding a motorcycle, its better for the glasses to have little bit of weight on them.

Polycarbonate Lenses

You obviously don’t want your sunglass lenses to shatter or crack on impact.  Polycarbonate or PC lenses are impact resistant and shatterproof.   We have heard countless stories how polycarbonate lenses have saved people’s vision in motorcycle accidents and other high impact sports.  Compact discs, helmet visors, and bullet proof glass are made of polycarbonate.   In addition, PC lenses naturally provide 100% UV protection without additional coatings.


If you are trying to perform at your best, ordinary casual sunglasses are not recommended for sports.   The sports sunglasses sold at sunglassmonster.com are made for sports, both high impact and low impact.   And you can take advantage of the BOGO half off deal and try a few pairs without breaking the bank.