What are Polarized Sunglasses?

Polarized sunglasses are known to eliminate glare off of shiny surfaces such as the hood of a car, windshields, chrome bumpers, mirrors; and of course, water.    Polarized sunglasses are very popular with fishermen because they can see beneath the surface of the water and see where the fish are.

Benefits of Polarized Sunglasses
Reduce Irritating Glare with Polarized Lenses
What causes this glare or reflection?

Basically, when light hits a horizontal reflective surface such as water, the light is reflected.  These reflected light waves virtually align themselves to the same plane of direction as the shiny surface.  This in turn causes an intense glare that reduces visibility.

How do Polarized Lenses Work? 

Polarized sunglasses filters out the horizontal waves of light which causes the intense glare.  As a result,  glare is reduced.   You can see how polarized lenses work by looking at your computer screen or monitor through a polarized lens, and then turning the lens with your hand.  You will see the lens darken and lighten as you turn it 180 degrees.  You can also perform the same test on a digital watch or any liquid crystal display.    This a very easy way to test whether or not your lenses are polarized.

TAC Polarized Lenses Diagram
TAC (triacetate cellulose) Polarized Lenses feature 7 layers making the lenses more durable and clear.

What are TAC Polarized Lenses?

TAC stands for Triacetate Cellulose.  TAC is a multi-layer composite lens with multiple polarization layers, UV protection layers, reinforcement layers, impact resistant layers and an anti-scratch layer. TAC lenses are very effective filtering out light and glare; are are also very durable.   All polarized sunglasses sold by Sunglass Monster utilize the TAC process.

Benefits of Polarized Lenses

Because of this reduction in glare, polarized sunglasses are often recommended by eye doctors.   Glare caused from mirrors and chrome bumpers can be very uncomfortable if you have sensitive eyes, and can cause temporary blindness.  Some patients develop headaches and migraines from glare.

Polarized lenses also increase clarity.  Colors will pop out more, and you may notice a level of detail you have not noticed before.   Photographers often use polarized lenses to manage reflections, increase contrast and suppress unwanted glare.  If you haven’t worn polarized sunglasses at the beach, you are really missing out on seeing the true colors of the ocean.

Where can I buy Polarized Sunglasses?

Polarized sunglasses have become more mainstream than ever before.   A few years back, polarized sunglasses cost more than $200.  Until recently, quality polarized sunglasses have dropped below $100.  The technology behind polarized lenses is not rocket science anymore.  Unfortunately, many sunglass brands still try use polarized lenses as a main selling point to lure in uninformed buyers.   Amazingly, Sunglass Monster carries a wide variety of polarized sunglasses for less than $20!    Sunglass Monster guarantees all of their polarized sunglasses are 100% polarized.